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An evolving Washington Post and formerly owned Jeff Bezo’s company, CircSend stems from an extensive background with 25 years of experience in the newspaper industry through the Washington Suburban Press Network and 10 years in the data and digital industry through Media Prowler.

With 10 years in experience in the data industry, we are meticulous about adhering to CAN SPAM compliance and have never faced a legal issue. We pride ourselves on safeguarding our data quality. We cross-reference our lists with public information, follow the Open Record Act, and ensure that our data comes with full postal addresses. We also include a date and timestamp of when and how the individuals opted in. These precautions ensure that CircSend continues to be a leading authority in online marketing and digital publishing.


The CircSend program works with you to strategize the audience you want to target. Target zip codes you are not reaching with your print circulation, new demographics or simply reach new subscribers you are not hitting with your print footprint. The digital readership will receive through a customized e- digest; to include three advertisement revenue opportunities and offset the cost of you investment!

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