GROW your circulation

GENERATE new e-subscriptions

GROW your opt- in e list through your e-edition

GENERATE revenue and offset the cost of your total investment

What is the cost to you? PROFIT.

CircSend arms publishers with the power to improve circulation via a dynamic digital audience, increase advertising and revenue opportunities and build a better story for publisher's sales team. CircSend helps publishers prepare for the future while maintaining the quality of the product digitally.

Improve Circulation

CircSend grants you access to the highest quality database of 95 Million B2b and B2c emails; allowing you to GENERATE new e-subscribers and GROW your circulation through CircSend’s digital delivery mechanism. The CircSend program works with you to strategize the audience you want to target. Target zip codes you are not reaching with your print circulation, new demographics or zips and much more! The digital readership will receive through a customized e- digest; to include three advertisement revenue opportunities and offset the cost of you investment

Advanced E- Edition

CircSend improves your current digital version and can be full branded for your publication, renders properly across desktop, mobile and tablet and maintains the quality of your publication in a digital format.

Generate Revenue

We enhance your published content with CircSend’s advanced eReader which includes four advertising spots within the actual eReader; adding a new revenue piece that should generate profit every issue. Our platform implements MPU ads and banner ads into the e-reader, allows for inserted full page interstitial ads into e-papers and and plugged native adverts, and much more! A single ad can offset the cost of our services…so what is the cost to you? PROFIT.

CircSend is the perfect solution for your publication.

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